Thursday, April 17, 2008

Over it

Can we please declare a moratorium on men wearing scarves indoors? The trend has gotten reeeally old. It was kind of silly to begin with; sure, guys look cute and stylish in scarves sometimes, but when they wear them inside it's so obviously affected and pretentious. I really started to get fed up with the whole thing when Vampire Weekend appeared on Saturday Night Live recently, and one of the members wore a scarf so enormous it dwarfed his body. How is this cool?! I wondered. Then, when Ashton Kutcher hosted the same show last weekend, he also wore a scarf (though mercifully not one so large). It's been pretty warm here in New York the last few weeks, so I can safely say that Ashton didn't have cause to wear a scarf that he somehow "forgot" to remove once he got inside. (As for the shirt Ashton wore, which lifted to reveal his taut stomach every time he put his arm in the air... yeah, I was fine with that.) If only I could somehow deliver the final nail in this overdone trend.

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