Friday, March 6, 2009

Usually my posts are fluffy and fun and pop culture related. But today I have to write (and ironically on my birthday) that I am severely disheartened by the series of layoffs that have rocked my company. I'm so tired of this seemingly hopeless economy, and my agency's situation is compounded by our recent merger, which has led to "restructuring." So over the last two weeks, I've watched some of my favorite people-- many of whom have been here for many years-- get the proverbial ax. These include a single mom and a woman (and close friend) who was only two years away from retirement. I understand to a degree that costs must be cut, but I only wish the layoffs weren't so seemingly arbitrary. Seniority? Forget about it. New baby at home? Tough luck. It makes me both sad and angry. (And, naturally, paranoid myself, although my job *seems* safe-- for now.) As I talked to one of our art buyers, an incredibly intelligent, cool, and fun person (who just gave me a b-day card)I couldn't help thinking of a line from a movie (I know, I know, my movie fried brain). Her gorgeous face was stained with tears, and I heard Kurt Russell in Death Proof: "There is nothing so beautiful as a look of wounded pride on the face of an angel." But I didn't find it pleasant, although my colleague still was beautiful... I just felt depressed.

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