Friday, April 3, 2009

An early look at H2

So as a Halloween fan, I had mixed feelings about Dimension's "H2"-- until it was announced that Rob Zombie would be returning to direct. Free from the constraints of an existing movie-- sorry for those who were hoping for a remake of the dimly lit hospital opus "Halloween II" (1981)-- Zombie looks like he's really going crazy in his usual manner. Early reports and pics from the set have included elaborate Halloween decorations (i.e. a giant jack-'o-lantern house) and quirky characters like Zombie stalwart Bill Mosely as TV horror host "Uncle Seymour Coffins." Now, the director's posted an image of the adorable Scout Taylor Compton on set as Laurie Strode. Laurie's said to be wilder and more damaged in this film-- think good girl gone waaay bad-- and this sexy, compelling pic hammers that home. (Note the Alice Cooper poster in the background-- yep, we're in Rob Zombie territory alright!) Looks promising; the movie opens August 29th.

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